Race name
Race website (optional)
Race logo (PNG or JPG) (optional)
Race course (GPX file)
We need a GPX file to generate a digital map of your course. GPX files can come from a GPS device (like Garmin), or they can be downloaded from Strava or Google Maps.


Race results (CSV file)
Your results file should be in CVS (comma-delimited) format, and it must contain a header row with the following columns: BIB (must be numerical), NAME, CATEGORY (anything you like; typically age group), and 1 (which is the official time for that participant). The format of the time should be:

hh:mm:ss or mm:ss

  • hh is the number of hours (optional)
  • mm is the number of minutes
  • ss is the number of seconds

You can optionally include the following columns as well: GENDER ("male" or "female" or "team") and START (in seconds after the race start, for instance if you have waves).


Race start
Tell us the date and time your race started. If you don't remember, it's ok to put anything.
Email address
We need your email address to send you the URL of the replay. We won't sell it, store it, or use it for any other purpose.